Video Business Card

The video business card is a great way to tell people about your business. When you hand someone a business card you usually tell them who you are and what you do. This video does that all of that for you! Since it is a digital asset, this video will always be working for you 24/7. Whether you use it on your website, social media or even run digital advertisements with it, people can easily access the information they need without contacting you. If you find yourself explaining what your company does often, then this is the video for you. We believe in this style of video so much that we even use a video business card ourselves, Check it out below!

OnTap Media

(Hey, Thats us!)

Goose Troopers

Video Business Card

Event Videos

Event videos have a very important role in your business. Your customers want to see what your business is up to and when they see highlights of some of your events, they create a deep connection with your brand. Customers or employees having fun at an event lets people know that your business is involved, you care, and makes your business look more human. Whether is just a couple hours or full day, we can capture the best highlights of your event.

Conway Lead Distributors Competition Shoot

Clifton Collective

One Year Anniversary


Product Shorts

Product shorts are a great way to promote a product or service. These videos are very short and usually take the place of a photo. Using a product short video instead of an image is a great way to simply show off your product or service in a way that is visually appealing. These videos are great for social media!

EveryDay Beaut

Service Short

Infinity Art Glass

Product Short


Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are used for advertising purposes. You can use a video to create more traffic to your ad campaign. These videos are short but have all the information needed in your ad. paired with great copy writing, these videos are a great way to increase brand awareness and traffic.

Epoxy Flooring Advertisement Video


Product Highlight

These videos are to put one of your products or services into the spot light. Whether you are adding a new product or service or you are wanting to get information out on old one, this is the video that does that! This style is a great way to not only tell a story about your product or service, but it also helps increase sales by putting a link in your copy writing that leads them directly to a page where they can purchase. These types of videos are great for social media and websites.

Infinity Art Glass

Product highlight



These types of videos work great in creating a connection between your brand and your customer. When they hear someone who doesn't work in your company talk about how great it is or what its done for them, they become a believer in your brand.

Wichita's Littlest Heroes



Viral Videos

Viral videos are not very black and white. They are created with the purpose of spreading widely on social media... like a virus! These videos don't do much for your brand other than help increase your analytics and boost brand awareness. Not all viral videos will go viral though, that is up to the users. These videos are just created with the purpose of going viral. These videos are really only for social media. The best viral videos usually have inventive humor or cutting edge technology.

RC Grinder

Cutting Edge Technology

Carpet Demo Machine

Cutting edge technology

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