Creating Easy Content

Creating content for weekly posting can seem like an absolutely daunting task. But, it doesn't have to be. You don't need professional photos and videos for each & every post, and you don't need a paragraph as a caption. Creating and planning your content should be simple & enjoyable, and here are a couple tips to make it that way:

  1. Have a monthly calendar set out where you plan your main posts for the month (your 4 photos or videos that are expected to get the most engagement or have the most sales potential)

  2. Create what day of the week you post certain content. For example, you can make Mondays be the day you post custom Canva graphics, Wednesdays are for posting your favorite products/services, and Fridays are for employee spotlights.

  3. Your captions do not have to be a mile long. While every once in a while it is beneficial to tell a story or give a lot of information via your caption, more times than not you should be posting 1-2 sentences total. Your caption should show your company's personality while giving some insight to what your content is showing.

  4. Take one day to plan your content for the month. It is simple to get on Instagram, upload each photo or video, add your caption, and save it as a draft until the day you have planned to post it!

Content can be easier than having to have full-on photo shoots everyday for your social media. Using these tips can help you get on the right track to your content creation and brand building journey!

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