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How to get more followers on your Facebook business page.

While having a ton of followers is not necessarily important for every business, its good to have a couple hundred to give your business a good reputation. Obviously, the best followers to have are ones who are interested in purchasing your product or service, but if you are new to business or just created your first Facebook page this can be difficult. For those of you just starting out on Facebook the best way to get your profile going is to invite all your Facebook friends and ask a couple of you real friends to do the same. Facebook just made some changes where now instead of clicking through your friends and only being able to invite 50 at a time, you can actually select all your friends and invite them all at once! This is a great way to get started, but whats next?

The next step is to create consistent content. Now, you don't have to be a photographer or videographer to create great consistent content, you just have to start doing it. Put 30 minutes aside every day to take pictures of products, put them on a nice background (a wood bench, outside in the grass, on your welcome mat, etc.). Also take some pictures of people shopping around and looking at products (try not to get their face in the picture unless you ask them!) If you are a service business take pictures of people using your service. If you have employees it is always good to take pictures of them working and enjoying their time at work! There are endless amounts of types of pictures you can take but you have to just start doing it, every day.

After you have all the pictures its time to plan your posts and create copy writing for your images. You should probably post at least 3 times a week hopefully more. One way to make sure you stay on track is to use a post scheduling app. We use planable and its pretty cheap. On planable you choose your image, create your copy, and choose a date for the post to publish to your social media. The best way to make sure you have enough posts and to save time is to do this once a month. Sit down for 2 hours once a month, choose you images, write your copy, and schedule your posts and you are done for the whole month!

When choosing what day of the week and what time to post, make sure you go through your Facebook insights and see what day and time people are most active on your page.

After you have your posts scheduled and they are publishing, its time to get interactive with your customers. Get on Facebook for a couple minutes a day and reply to comments and message. Go through and like peoples comments and see what types of post are getting the best interaction. Also start sharing your posts to your personal page and ask your employees and friends to do the same. This will help people who you may not know see your business page and start following.

Other things you can post are industry related articles, videos and shared posts from other pages.

Lastly, don't give up! It may take 4 months or even a year to start getting more followers on your page but if you stick with it, it will happen naturally.


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