Knowing Your Audience

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

You're active on social media and are consistent with posting content, but your numbers just aren't performing. Your engagement isn't increasing and your demographics are NOT lining up. Your mistake? Not knowing your audience.

When you create your brand, everything from the logo to the color schemes are carefully picked to fit your business. Another thing to be carefully picked - your clients. You should create your dream client when you are creating your brand. From the age and gender, to the political affiliation and shopping habits. You should base your marketing strategy off of what attracts your dream client. This is where many businesses fail.

As much as it's easier to post things that you want to post, it is more important to post on the platforms that your dream client is using, and posting the content that will speak to them. You must lay out the things that your dream client would do, say, post, etc. in order to effectively market to them. As a business-to-consumer business, your clients are your first priority, and creating products/content that is designed with them in mind will make all the difference.

While creating content directed at your dream client, the photo/video itself is only half the battle. The colors, fonts, and verbiage used should completely embody your dream client, as if your perfect client wrote it themselves. Doing so speaks to your consumers in a way that lets them know that they relate to the aesthetic/mood/etc. of your company, and purchasing your products help them continue to fit their specified needs. Once you have created your dream client, and begin to market to them with the appropriate content & on the appropriate platforms, you will see your analytics match up with your strategy. This gives you opportunity to more-easily attract new consumers & grow your business in your defined niche.

Happy marketing!

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