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What Kind Of Photos To Post On Social Media

Posting On Social Media

When you use social media in your personal life do you actually look at ads or do you usually ignore them? In today's digital world most people have become professionals at blocking out advertisements. We scroll right past them. We often don't even really see them. As business we have to fight to try and capture our audiences very short attention span and most people think putting the word "SALE!!!" will grab your attention. Well sorry to tell you, things are different than they were 10 years ago. The word sale is over used, bright shiny graphics are now over-looked, and honestly nobody is truly interested in buying your product or service online.

Now, that may sound like bad news... but its not! We are just going to have to take a different approach to social media than before. To create interest in your product or service you have to first capture their attention. This is the hard part. When we create content for our clients social media we create real content. We don't use stock photo or graphics, we use real images. We also try and get into their natural environment and take candid pictures. The reason we take our images this way is because it fits in with peoples timelines. When you scroll through facebook or instagram you are used to seeing pictures of people. People doing real things. You can often tell when a photo is staged versus when a photo is taken naturally. This helps you get likes, comments, and follows while also creating interest in not only your product or service, but also your brand.

Creating a deep connection between your customers and your brand is vital to increasing sales and brand loyalty and can't really be done through stock photos or graphics. Have one of your employees walk around with a camera every once and a while and get pictures of everyone working or talking or whatever it is you and your employees do on a daily basis. This content will fit into peoples timelines and remind them that there are humans behind your business that love what they do.


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