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Wichita, KS 


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Video Production

Video is our main focus here at OnTap Media. We know that video is the most important digital asset for your company because it gets the most interaction and captures your audiences attention longer. We create authentic video to effectively communicate your message to your audience. On your website, social media, or advertisements we love using video because we can create a deep connection from your audience to your business, your products, or your brand. This deeper connection often results in longer lasting customers and believers of your brand.


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While video gets the most interaction, there is an important role that photography plays in the digital world. You cant release a new video everyday, you have to include filler content that still keeps customers attention. When we take photos we like to really get personal with your business. We believe showing the behind the scenes process of your business gets people excited and interested in your brand. You also need photos of your products for e-commerce websites and social media to display the finished work. At OnTap we also like to stray away from stock photo because we believe that your customers will more likely become believers in your brand if they actually see your company doing the work.


Social Media

When it comes to reaching and audience in today's world, your company HAS to be on social media. These platforms are a great way to get information about your business or product in-front of potential customers and create relationships with them. Hiring someone in house can be

     What we do is we create and manage content to consistently post on your social media. This consistent content helps create brand awareness and interaction with your customers on social media. We create photos and videos that connect your customers to your business.

     You as a company still have a lot of say of what goes on your social media. We plan and schedule these posts of which you as a company have to approve or make changes to before they are released. We do this because although we may fully understand your brand, it is still your company and you should oversee all the content that is being uploaded to make sure it is consistent with your brand. Each month we create the content, create the copy writing for each post, and then will schedule your posts and send them to your for approval and edits. Once they are approved they are set to publish on the date and time we have scheduled.

     We do our research on your page every month to see what times and days people are interacting most on your page. We then use this information to set dates and times for your content to be released.